“traveling. It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

In May 2016, the European summer was just starting to kick in, fresh off the bat and ready to rumble, and then there was me, packing my green suitcase which I just HAD to name kermit, all in preperation for that A380 plane trip for the following day.

Yeah baby, Emma was off to GREECE!

It was my first ever solo travel experience, needless to say I was extremely nervous but also freakishly excited! I didn’t know if I was more excited to board that HUGE plane or the fact that I was about to indulge in delish Greek cuisine for a week. Definitely the food option, Gyros for the win!

I must admit, Flying with Emirates was well and truly worth the money! The experience on board was nothing short of luxourious, even in good old economy. I sheepishly ordered a wine on the flight from AKL-MEL, it flew straight to my head (punny) and I knew the games had only just begun. All the air crew were so beautiful, they displayed such high levels of professionalism with just a dash of quirk which helped me ensure I was comfortable, I had a long journey ahead.

Fast forward a few too many hours and BOOM, there I am, stepping off the plane and into the Terminal located in the Athens airport…I MADE IT! Not even jet lagged…or so I thought haha! Once I had collected beloved kermit, it was time to venture into this all too unfamiliar ground and immerse myself into a brand new culture, plus I needed a tan. The taxi drive to my accommodation was a next level experience, you know when it goes 0 to 100 real quick and all that, well yeah lets just say when you have a taxi driver who speaks no english, is not sure where he is going, has a very unreliable nav man and also stops in the middle of the road to have a quick yarn to another driver….you wonder what the hell am I doing after all? haha, okay no, i’m kidding, I didn’t think that so much, but I was feeling a tad anxious.


The Plaka was simply amazing, stalls left right and centre selling all sorts from wooden penises, to GYROS! I fell in love with this area, the aromas of cooking good, the desperate stall owners begging you to buy some product because you definitely needed it, the hustle and bustle during the warm heat! It was just amazing, my first outing in the Athens city was a winner! My first meal, also a winner! I noticed that first day that the Greek are very encouraging when it comes to having shots with breakfast/lunch/dinner…yip…works for me….

We visited the famous Acropolis and ancient ruins, I had never in my life seen anything that held so much history whilst telling a story of its own. The Acropolis was breathtaking, huge in size and swarmed with tourists desperately trying to snap a photo…and of course I was in that crowd wasn’t I!


Next on the agenda for me was Mykonos island! Now, if you have never been to Mykonos, please pencil this bad boy on your bucket list! I don’t know where to start, Honestly! We stayed at the famous Paradise Beach Resort, famous for huge parties in peak summer time with renowned DJ’s from all over the world, the best menu of cocktails one could ever lay their eyes on, alongside sun, sand and sea! Paradise Beach was nothing short of Paradise! From a laxed out day time chill on a sunbed, to a mid afternoon dance party, then a UV light paint party by night, Paradise beach had so much to offer for a fun 21 year old like myself! Expect your liver to be a little on the damaged side after a good few days in this place!

Mykonos, known for its white-washed buildings as far as the eye can see, had the most beautiful structure ever! Mykonos town is basically a maze, you can get lost a little too easily while wandering these streets, but hey thats part of the fun! I fell in love with the buildings in Mykonos town, the contrast from crisp white to a deep cobalt blue. Definitely a view that gets the warm fuzzies up and running. The Mykonos windmills were a pleasure to visit, and one must ensure they visit Little Venice on a Mykonos adventure!

The next stop on the Greek Island’s list was the beautiful and very famous, SANTORINI! Wow, I have absolutely no words for this place! From the moment we stepped into the little town called “Fira”, I was left absoutely speechless! This island bleeds love, beautiful sunsets and some of the most breath taking views I have ever seen. We watched the sunset in Oia, a glass of wine in hand with a plate of yummies, surrounded by beautiful people, all focusing on the one thing in front of us, the sun! I took numerous photos of that sunset and because I am a next level photo hoarder, I can’t delete them…not even the duds.

We ventured via boat to the amazing volcanoe in Santorini, it was so stinking HOT on the volcanoe but none the less, simply beautiful! The sun was shining hard and all you could see was cliff tops and the agean sea. Bliss. The same boat took us around to a natural hot springs where you could jump out and go for a swim. I declined, as I needed to work on my tan, boat chills for Emma. After some more travels on this beautiful boat we ventured to the old port in Santorni, the option was either ride a donkey to the top or you best get walking up those 585 steps. I chose the steps, it felt amazing to get my heart rate pumping from exercise and not just the thrill from having sex on Paradise Beach in Mykonos…say what?


So where does this leave me? With one more island, and they say “Save the best until last”, well played Contiki.

IOS!! Well, where do I begin with this wild island? By no doubt it is the, and I mean THE part island for Greece! I thought Mykonos had it going on…well Ios raised the bar tenfold! I have never drunk so many alcoholic beverages/taken so many ‘wet pussy’ shots (yum, have one). Ios was incredible, we stayed at Far Out Beach Club, which had only just opened for the season so it was not laced with as many tourists…only us! Relax by day because rest assured you’re going to get absolutely written off by night! Pub crawls each night was on the cards for Ios nightlife, I most certainly was not complaining! There was a theme I noticed among most bars as well, do 7 shots and earn yourself a free singlet, lets just say I well and truly earned my singlets in Ios, I love my little collection!

We took a day trip on a James Bond styled boat out to a private beach named “Piconero Beach”. Piconero stands for ‘clear water’ and I can guarantee this beach lived up to the name! This point on my trip was the point where I felt well and truly content, let me paint you a picture

Hop on to this boat, lets call it a speed demon. Find yourself a comfortable spot on the read leather seating, sit back and relax. The sun is beaming solely onto you, the cool air breeze is keeping you cool while you are feeling warm. Music surrounding your ears, setting the mood, you are simply reminded of the previous night out, party, drinks, sex. The sea breeze is running through your hair, while running rampant on your emotions. Voices from your new best friends are background noise as all you can hear is your heart singing a joyful song. Let us take you on a journey, it’s not over yet.

Piconero beach blew me away, the softest sand and literally the clearest god damn water! Life was GOOD!


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