when in doubt…just write

I have always had a passion for piecing words together beautifully. In such a way it makes me re-read what I just wrote, just to remind myself, “Damn, that came from my brain.”




Writing to me is my secret path to escape the world, just for a little while. I mean, yes I am very content with my life and all that jazz, however when I get these words flowing i’m just on another level to little old Emma, i’m really in my element!

I love to write about sex, how enticing, raunchy and lustful it can be. Sex is a pleasurable act and I love to make myself a little…’excited’ shall we say, by writing about it. I love to write about love, because lets be honest, who doesn’t! Love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world, and when I feel love, I feel it so very deeply! Being in love for a few short years of my life was extremely intense, to say the least. Falling out of love was the hardest thing I have ever done, emotionally. But hey, life goes on and there will be another love.

I will inject some of my writing pieces into this nifty little blog, just to give a taste on my writing style, which by the way is forever evolving. That is the beauty of it.


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