content –


  1. in a state of peaceful happiness.


It’s a feeling you will only ever understand once you are right in the thick of feeling it.

Real life talks here –  can something BE so good? Feel this good?

WHY YES, MY DEAR! It most certainly can!

I’ve had times in my life when I thought I felt content, but that was just a temporary thing. Perhaps, I was eating a tasty kebab or watching a sunset. I felt good, don’t get me wrong – maybe some level of ‘content’ for my life at that given time, but as I say…temporary. It’s taken years to really understand what this particular feeling is all about.

These days feeling ‘content’ for me is when I take a step back from this crazy ol’ thing we call life – and typically just stop to smell the roses.

It’s all about the gratitude I hold for life & all things life-related. The fact I have air to breathe in – to live. Eyes to see – for my viewing pleasures. Ears to listen – to hear and understand. Plus my nose – so I can actually smell those roses.

In my very early 20’s, I’ve slowly grown to understand what it actually feels like to be content. I am a very emotional human being – I feel things on a deep level. I dwell on the good and yes sometimes the bad – but hey, I’m not even mad about it! It’s when I stop to realise how lucky I actually am, that I feel ‘in a state of peaceful happiness’.

I am young and able – the world is literally my oyster! A world filled with endless opportunities – how could that not excite someone? Let that fact alone just EXCITE YOU! Those endless opportunities are for everyone to enjoy! If you want something, by golly you can have it you know..

I feel content when I think about the 22 years I’ve lived so far. Shit man, there has been some highs and some lows. I lost my best friend – my mumma – her time was up too soon and that really sucked. Through that low, I’ve discovered a high which is the pure fact of knowing she’s still here. Right beside me – as I write this blog. Giving me a big cuddle from heaven. The special ones. I fell in love for the first time at such a young age, where I was so easily influenced by someone who I thought was the right person for me – only to find I had literally been torn apart to a point where I didn’t even know who I had become! The high from that, undoubtedly the self-growth from the years that passed, the rise in the climb to becoming the best me! I’m totally there – by the way, today I am the best me I can be and tomorrow I will continue to grow in being even better. Heartbreak – in hindsight – can leave you feeling content.

I thank myself every single day for the family I do have, my incredible father and 3 older brothers. I wasn’t gifted with any sisters by blood, but I have a great bunch of sisters by heart – my BEAUTIFUL friends!! I thank the universe for letting me attract these amazing people into my life!

I’m still learning, still re-reading ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne every so often (side note: if you have not read this book before, do yourself a favour and get on it.), still trying to figure out what life is all about – but after opening the heart and mind up a little wider, it’s easy to find how you can fall deeply into that peaceful happiness state. It’s there, waiting for you if you haven’t already felt it – and if you have? Well, my friend, it’s not going anywhere!!

Next time you are hustling about on your daily routine in this life, just pause for a moment – look at the sky, really take it all in! Notice the blue hues or the fluffy clouds. Let the sun beam onto your skin and into the precious depths of your heart. Breathe in that fresh air – it’s all yours for you to enjoy. Appreciate the smaller things, the little details that easily go amiss. The smell of fresh cut grass has always been a personal fave of mine.

Gratitude is important to feeling content. Being thankful for the shit times as much as the great times will leave you feeling satisfied and ready for what the next turn on this rollercoaster may be. Should you dip, or soar? Either way, it’s gonna be one helluva ride! Buckle up, smile, FEEL CONTENT!


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